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Community Supported Agriculture


Our CSA, or farm share program, is a great way to get local, healthy food off the farm every week. Our program ensures that you'll receive freshly harvested, in-season, chemical free produce raised with beyond organic standards. Our meats are raised outdoors on Pasture, raised without chemicals or hormones and are humanely butchered. In addition to the meat and produce, you will also receive a dozen pasture raised eggs in your share. You will have the option of receiving a combination of meats; Pork, Chicken, Beef and Lamb. Our CSA is variable so you don't get bored of having the same old thing every week. We have a larger selection of meat cuts than the grocery store and you can pick and choose the meats that fit you and your family's needs. 

$75 weekly Farm Share

Here is an example of what your box will have in it:

$40-50 meat

(*note: all shares must include pork. If you don't eat pork, our CSA might not be for you.

We try to give you variety based on what we have available, though!)


1lb sausage (staple)

1lb bacon (staple)

2 chicken thighs

2 pork chops

Or swap a large beef roast/shoulder/roasting chicken for chops or thighs. 

$5 eggs 

(If you want to skip eggs and swap for more meat or veggies, just let us know in advance.)

$25-30 vegetable and mushrooms

Bag of salad mix

Bunch of Kale

Bunch of carrots/ radish/ turnips (or all three!)

Herb bunch

2 cucumbers 

½lb oyster mushrooms 

Currently, we're at our maximum for the CSA for the next 6 months. If you'd like to get on our waiting list, click the link below! 


When we open up spots for the CSA, we'll contact you and ask you for a deposit of $225. Your deposit will go toward your last three weeks of the farm share season. Every farm share member is granted a 1-2 week vacation where you can skip your share. If you do not contact us regarding your absence from our share we will pull 1 week from your deposit, as we will have perishable items prepared specifically for you each week. (This deposit also helps us get the cash together to pay our large USDA processing bills and buy vegetable seeds) We're really flexible, we promise. Just communicate with us and we'll work it out. If you're planning to miss a week, we prefer you have a family member, neighbor, or friend pick up your share. This helps us get new customers! However, contacting us directly is the best way to plan. 



We offer delivery to our members in Aiken, Columbia and Augusta. Many of our customers simply pay via e-invoice and then plop a cooler outside their doorstep. Others like to greet us, pay cash and chit-chat. Whatever you're comfortable with is fine with us! We're just glad to grow food for you and your family. 

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