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Farm Consulting

Let us help you succeed! We specialize in helping new farmers start their enterprises in the Southeast and we consult with farmers all over the country. 

We will drive up to 300 miles for an in-person consultation or garden build. We are open to longer trips, too! Do you have a special project in mind that doesn't quite fit into the categories below? Email us with what you have in mind and we'll give you a quote!


Check out the podcast we did on "The Thriving Farmer Podcast" below!


Full Day,


Farm Consultation

We come to your farm (or future farm), soil test, inspect your property and advise you on where to build what, irrigation plans, as well as your equipment needs for each animal enterprise. We'll discuss which type of crops are going to be best suited to your farm during your first few seasons, the annual crops/livestock you'll need to be profitable vs perennial crops and long term livestock investments. We’ll go over your health and wellness plan for yourself and your family. (Farming can be physically and mentally demanding) We’ll discuss how you plan to manage accounting. Should you spend $20,000 on apple trees? Do you really need to buy a pony? Is a flock of 20 wool sheep the right fit for you considering your climate and expertise? Let us help you avoid some huge financial mistakes. 

We will stay in touch with you to answer all of your questions that arise throughout your farming journey. Would you like a monthly accountability check in? Done. We’re familiar with the climate in the Southeast and some of the troublesome issues that can arise. You won't be alone. We’ll help you every step of the way and make sure you don’t feel lost or isolated in your farming adventure.


Ground Breaking Garden


Are you ready to start a serious organic garden but you don't have the tools or expertise you need to get started? Are you not ready to purchase heavy equipment but want a large garden plot? Do you have a limited budget for your family's provisional garden? Are you an existing livestock farmer who just doesn't have time to create a large garden plot? Let us do it for you!


We’ll come to your farm with a truck, flatbed, tractor with tiller and other implements, compost, transplants, seeds, and basic supplies to create a 100 x 100 garden plot that will grow food for your very first market garden. 

This is perfect for someone who has money saved up for a farming adventure, but not enough for a tractor and fancy garden equipment. We want more small scale farmers in the Southeast! With a little help from us, we’ll get you set up for success. 

*Note: We are huge advocates of "no-till" gardening. If you manage your tarps, weeding and general management of your garden, you won't need to ever till this garden plot again. This is what we call an "initial till" that is necessary on most landscapes in the South. 

What’s included for you to keep:

-tilled space 100x100. 

-1 ton compost

-silage tarp for controlling weeds. 

-seeds for the first sowing

-transplants for the first planting depending on the season

-100 ft of row cover

-1 stirrup hoe

-400ft of landscape cloth as weed barrier for perimeter of garden


What’s included that we bring to use and take back with us:

-Jang seeder and 6 point seeder

-tractor/tiller/bush hog

-lawn mower/weed wacker

-transplanting tools

-tilther and bed rakes

-broadfork, shovels etc


In addition to the initial setup that we’ll do for you, we will share with you all of our knowledge about the tools we bring with us. We’ll give you a list of book recommendations, a list of reasonable expectations from your garden, a timetable and spreadsheets. If you would like, we’ll schedule a monthly accountability phone call where we help you stay motivated and make sure you stick to your planting, weeding, mulching schedule. We’ll help you find the right farmers markets to sell your produce when the time comes and help connect you to other farmers/restaurants/co-ops in your area that you might be able to work with. Let's build your farm!


"FarmCoach" Phone Consultation

We will go over your goals, questions, and hurdles so that you feel equipped to make the right decisions for your farm, your family and your livestock. We can coach you on basic veterinary techniques, financials, animal management, pest control, parasites, irrigation, fencing, and troubleshooting the thousands of decisions that you need to make when starting your farm. We love helping people farm and hope that you'll find value in our expertise. 

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