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The Price of a Cow

When you purchase a cow from us, this price includes USDA inspected, certified humane slaughter, and delivery. Our pricing is based upon HANGING WEIGHT.

**ACTUAL MEAT in the FREEZER is typically 65% of the hanging weight.

average weight: 600-800lbs

price: $6.50/lb Deposit = $1000

total price: $3,900-$5,200 (balance is due upon delivery)

Meat in Freezer: 390lbs-520lbs You’ll need about 40 cubic feet of freezer space.



NOTE: “why is there less meat in the freezer than the hanging weight?” When a beef cow hangs and “dries” a considerable amount of moisture leaves the carcass. This amount is hard to predict and it varies considerably. Also, during butchering, there are certain parts of the carcass that are considered unusable, (although our processor attempts to save as much as possible. )


Deposit for whole cow

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