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This box is a foodie's dream come true. If you're a fan of "slow and low" or trying unusual cuts and turning them into masterpieces... this is the box for you. Turn your epicurian meat box into fabulous dinner parties or create a romantic dinner for two with carefully planned sauces and sides. 

The Epicurean Meatbox

SKU: 364115376135191
Excluding Sales Tax |
    • 4 large pork chops (packs of two) 
    • 1 pack of ribs 
    • 1 lb of ground pork 
    • 2 lbs mild bratwurst style sausage
    • 1 lbs breakfast sausage 
    • 1 lbs spicy sausage ( not too spicy) 
    • 1 lbs Misc Sausage 
    • 2 lbs packs of no nitrate bacon (jowl or regular) 
    • 1 pork shoulder roast 
    • 2lbs of ground beef 
    • Beef Roast or Short Ribs 
    • 2 Steaks ( Filet, NY strip, Ribeye)
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