Woodland-fed Pork

Our pork is the back-bone of our farm. They help us clear our forests of invasive plants by tilling up the soil and causing enough disturbance in deeply mulched pines so that we can plant nitrogen fixing grasses and legumes. This helps us feed our beef cows and sheep in the heat of the summer. We specialize in Berkshire pigs because they're excellent mothers and so fun to be around every day. We also have Ossabaw Island hog genetics in our herd so that we can get some hams that are perfect for Prosciutto and other charcuterie. Our pork is fed non-gmo grain on a limited ration so that they can graze and forage most of the day. We move our pigs constantly and when they give birth in the big "nursery" barn, we give them deep bedding so that they can make lovely compost for us that eventually gets used on our garden beds. 

Grass-Fed Beef

Our beef cows help heal our land. We rotationally graze so that the cows don't harm our carbon footprint, they just increase fertility in our soil. We are slowly growing our beef cow operation so that we can breed for heat-tolerant, parasite resistant, grass-fed genetics. Every year, our fields grow greener and our cows look fatter!


When purchasing our chicken you'll notice they have a nice rich yellow fat, derived from high levels of beta-carotine consumed in their foraging. Supplemented with a locally grown, non-GMO feed, our chickens are as happy as they are delicious. Our egg laying chickens are totally free range and lay beautiful eggs daily. The eggs have a strong shell and a bright orange/yellow yolk that is absolutely delicious! We also raise small numbers of geese, turkeys and ducks seasonally. 


Our most diverse animal group, we have 3 different breeds of sheep: St. Croix, Black belly Barbados and Katahdin. Our sheep breeds have been carefully selected for fantastic taste, temperament, and ability to shed their coat which provides temperature regulation in the hot summers. Always 100% grass-fed, start to finish, our sheep and lamb enjoy the same rotational grazing as our cattle. We are one of the few grass-fed lamb growers in our area and we're excited to grow our flock!

In-Season Produce

At the farm, you'll find as many veggies as you will animals. Growing with the seasons, we feature new products all the time including: eggplant, kale, schizo, basil, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, cantaloupe, mushrooms, arugula, spinach, head lettuce, squash, zucchini, pumpkins, cucumbers, and many more! We are constantly seeking ways to "beat the heat" in the summer. We grow tons of produce all winter long, though and can't wait for you to try our greens!

Chicken & Duck Eggs

Did you know the hardness of the shell and the color of the yolk are indicative of the health of the bird that laid them? Our eggs provide superior quality with hard thick shells and healthy dark orange yolks. If you like to bake or enjoy a creamier egg we suggest trying our duck eggs.