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We raise exclusively Tamworth pigs. A Heritage Breed, the Tamworth's originated in the United Kingdom. This athletic breed of pig has less than 300 registered sows left in the US, one of the reasons we value keeping their gene pool strong and continuing to breed. Known as the "bacon pig" the rich flavor of our forest foragers will not disappoint. Our pigs enjoy the natural food of the area including acorns, root vegetables, shrubs, blackberries, supplemented with a high end Non-GMO feed.


Did you know that Longhorn cattle are extremely heat tolerant? Their horns work to cool and circulate their blood, making them an excellent breed for the hot summers of South Carolina. Naturally a leaner cut, Longhorns have up to 10% less saturated fat, putting the product on par with leaner meats like chicken. Our newest breed of livestock on the farm are 15 Black Angus cows. We are working on a longhorn/Angus Cross, that will be hardy with nicely marbled steaks.  Always 100% grass-fed, start to finish, our cattle enjoy consistent rotational of the land to allow for maximum nutrient growth and absorption.


Free range is an understatement for the chickens of Woodland Valley Farms. We allow them to have the run of the land. Using primarily Red Ranger chickens, we allow the chickens to roam the property and fields to eat their fill of bugs and insects. When purchasing our chicken you'll notice they have a nice rich yellow fat, derived from high levels of beta-carotine consumed in their foraging. Supplemented with a Non-GMO feed, our chickens are as happy as they are delicious.


Our most diverse animal group, we have 3 different breeds of sheep and lamb: St. Croix, Barbatos, and Katahdin. Our sheep breeds have been carefully selected for fantastic taste, temperament, and ability to shed their coat which provides temperature regulation in the hot summers. Always 100% grass-fed, start to finish, our sheep and lamb enjoy the same rotational grazing as our cattle. 

In-Season Produce

At the farm you'll find as many fruit and veggies as you will animals. Growing with the seasons, we feature new products all the time including: eggplant, kale, schizo, basil, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, cantaloupe, mushrooms, arugula, spinach, head lettuce, squash, zucchini, pumpkins, cucumbers, and many more!

Chicken & Duck Eggs

Did you know the hardness of the shell and the color of the yolk are indicative of the health of the bird that laid them? Our eggs provide superior quality with hard thick shells and healthy dark orange yolks. If you like to bake or enjoy a richer, creamier bodied, egg we suggest trying our duck eggs. We are always stocked with both varieties, for your eating pleasure!