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Grassfed Lamb

"What is lamb?"

A lamb is a sheep that is under 1 year of age---as soon as they become over 12 months of age, the meat is known as "mutton." Because our sheep are grassfed, you'll find the meat has deeper flavors and with less gristle/oily fat. Our lamb tastes amazing! To folks who say they don't like lamb, give ours a try! We encourage you to expand your horizons and enjoy the wonderful health benefits/nutrition you'll receive from grassfed lamb. We always say that we feel so incredibly nourished after we eat a lamb roast or some lamb meatballs! 

whole lamb approx 40lbs: $14.50/lb (deposit=$300)

1/2 lambapprox 20lbs:       $15.50/lb (deposit= $150)

Ground lamb:                      $17/lb

Lamb bone in roasts:             $17/lb

lamb chops/loin roasts:         $28/lb

Lolli-pop steaks/Frenched rack:$28/lb

lamb soup bones:                 $15/lb

Lamb neck roasts:                 $21/lb

stew meat:                          $17/lb

organ meat:                        $16/lb

shanks:                               $ 20/lb

Lamb Head:                        $ 30 each

Grassfed Mutton

"Mutton is the term used to describe a sheep that is over 1 year old. Most of our mutton will be from ewes (female breeding sheep) that are not good mothers or have other traits that are undesirable for our flock. Contrary to popular belief, mutton is just as delicious as lamb! We won't have mutton available all the time, but when we do, we encourage you to try it! 

Ground mutton:                    $15/lb

Mutton bone in roasts:            $16/lb

chops/loin roasts:                 $27/lb

Lolli-pop steaks/Frenched rack:$27/lb

soup bones:                         $14/lb

neck roasts:                         $20/lb

stew meat:                          $16/lb

organ meat:                        $15/lb

shanks:                               $ 19/lb

Head:                                $ 25 each

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